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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Car Smell Good


Many Americans spend much of their time in cars. It might get somehow unpleasant when they drive their cars in less-than-fragrant surroundings.

Luckily, several potential fixes might help make your car smell good and comfortable to drive. Some of these include:

1. Use Air Fresheners

Using a car air freshener is an affordable way to keep your vehicle smelling great. If you don’t prefer using an artificial fragrance inside your car, you may always make your own air freshener using the essential oils you prefer the most.

Whether you are driving a personal car or a PSV, you need to ensure you have several air fresheners, which can make you enjoy every moment in your car.

2. Clean the Car

Chances are, your vehicle stinks because of what is inside it. So consider emptying your car of all dirty or unrequired items, such as gym clothes and trash.

Afterward, clean everything inside your car thoroughly. This needs to include the dashboard, ceiling, windows, mats, floor, and upholstery.

Consider also vacuuming your car every week and the right upholstery cleaning sprays on a monthly basis.

While doing so, wipe all the plastic areas using vinegar because dirt might also accumulate.

3. Consider Baking Soda and Essential Oil

Although most DIY blogs and articles say that sprinkling some baking soda over the upholstery or carpet, allowing it to sit for the whole night, then vacuuming it later is not always the right approach.

Baking soda may clog up in your vacuum parts and hoses faster, impairing the performance of your equipment. To avoid this, use baking soda in a no-mess manner.

All you need to do is consider filling up a small jar with baking soda and several drops of essential oils. Plus, rather than screwing on a metal or plastic lid, consider using a breathable fabric and lid ring.

This way, you will not just prevent baking soda from clogging your vacuum. You will also help to neutralize the bad smell and spread good ones.

4.  Take Advantage of Coffee Beans

Basically, coffee beans are among the emerging smells, which you may have your car freshener. In order to achieve this, you just need to put a few beans in a mesh, paper bag, or socks.

They also serve as a great deodorizer, and they easily absorb bad odors inside your car. Remember to change those beans after every five days to maintain the freshness of your car.

5. Change Air Filters

More often, car drivers forget or ignore how vital it is to change the air filter at the cabin. If you are unsure of how to get air filters, consider checking your manual booklet.

Like other engine air filters, cabin air filters are used to filter out dust, mold, and pollen, among other things, from getting to your cabin.

Failure to change them, air filters will trap bad odors and even make your car smell worse, especially when the heat is on.

Final Touches!

A perfect way to maintain the freshness of your car is to avoid allowing the trash from piling up. Although this is not avoidable, taking several steps like using air fresheners, changing air filters, cleaning the car, and taking advantage of coffee beans will make a great difference.

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