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The 2022 Forecast for the Development of Bulletproof Vehicles

bulletproof luxury cars


These new passenger vehicles are entirely different animals thanks to advancements in armouring technology. The military and other security services once reserved bulletproof cars. Those bulletproof cars have a distinctive appearance, making them easy to spot. The primary function of these bulletproof luxury cars is to protect their passengers from the deadly armament.

But nowadays, it’s common practice for public individuals to ride about in armoured cars. Vehicles used by civilians may appear different from what you’d expect an armoured vehicle to be. Unlike military vehicles, civilian armoured vehicles pass as unremarkable automobiles. Sales of bulletproof cars have exploded in countries with high crime rates. As a result, the market for body Armor is proliferating.

Major Takeaways

An Increasing Need for Armoured Vehicles in Law Enforcement


One factor for the growing interest in armoured vehicles is the increasing militarization of police departments. Just what does the term “militarization” mean? It’s when regular police departments start using tactics developed for the military. The reason for adopting this model is to acquire military hardware, training, mentality, strategy, and tradition. In response, police departments are upgrading their arsenals and armouring their vehicles.

Two, civilian demand for bulletproof vehicles is on the rise.

Threats to global security are on the rise in every region. Civilian armoured vehicles are in high order due to the rising crime rate and other insurgency operations. Passenger armoured cars are the preferred mode of transportation for most prominent figures and elite communities.

Major automakers are releasing new armoured vehicles to suit consumer demand. For example, in 2019, Land Rover released the more expensive Range Rover Sensational model, which features bulletproof glass and a ballistic steel plate as well as this figure is rapidly increasing.

Défense spending across the world has been steadily decreasing.

The lowering of national military spending by many countries is another primary cause for the rising usage of bulletproof automobiles. Many nations, like Indonesia and Thailand, cut their budgets by $558 and $555 million in 2020, respectively. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Italy, and France have also significantly cut their defence spending. As a result, the development of bulletproof cars needs to be improved by cuts to the defence budget.

Shipping a Variety of Products

Numerous businesses commonly use bulletproof SUV to transport a wide variety of products. As an illustration, after being legalized in 33 states, the cannabis sector in the United States is expanding rapidly. Medical and recreational marijuana use is legal in all of these states.

Transporters of illegal substances frequently use armoured Ford Transit Cargo Vans. These vans are used to convey enormous quantities of flowers and cash. Furthermore, many proprietors of provisioning canters and cannabis dispensaries find this a lucrative business. The COVID-19 vaccination can also be safely transported in one of these vehicles. Due to this, there is a significant market for armoured cars.

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