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How to take care of your 4-stroke motorcycle – The oil change

4-stroke motorcycle


If there is one essential maintenance product for the health of your engine, it is oil and its lubricating properties. But do you know all its virtues?

Not only does the oil lubricate the parts of your engine, but as a bonus:

  • It protects them from corrosion;
  • It cools the engine;
  • It recovers combustion and friction residues.

Without oil, your motorcycle would not go very far.
Due to its cleaning action, your oil accumulates dirt in your engine which will be picked up by the oil filter. But once overloaded with harmful residues, it loses its effectiveness – it should then be changed. It’s time to drain!

How often should you change the oil?

It all depends on how you treat your 4-stroke motorcycle. Every 10 hours of racing or every 500 km for a ride.

Note your routes!

It is important to keep track of your outings in a maintenance log or, for optimum accuracy, by installing an hour meter.

Prepare your oil change

Before you start, it is better to plan all the necessary equipment and have it within easy reach.

  • Mechanic’s gloves  ;
  • A drain pan  ;
  • A wrench to remove the oil filter;
  • A new oil filter in advance;
  • A seal for the drain screw;
  • Rags;
  • New quality engine oil .

Tip: Take advantage of the oil change to check the condition of the oil filter. Change it if necessary thanks to your filter in advance, you will kill two birds with one stone!

The stages of a state-of-the-art oil change

Empty the used oil

Since hot oil is more fluid, run your motorcycle engine for 5 to 10 minutes before changing the oil.

Then place your motorcycle as straight as possible using a rear stand, a side stand or a motorcycle lift provided for this purpose. If you do not have this material, make sure the assembly is vertical and stable.

Place the drip tray under the drain plug then unscrew the latter.

Wait for the end of the oil flow. Allowing the motorcycle to sit overnight will ensure that the liquid drains completely.

Collect the used oil and take it to the recycling center or to a mechanical center authorized to collect it. Please do not empty this contaminated oil in the sink or in the household garbage and even less in nature. In addition to the pollution caused, you risk heavy penalties.

Replace the oil filter if necessary. To do this, disassemble the old one and replace it with a new filter. Be sure to secure it, but without over-tightening. Remember to clean the drain screw and change the gasket.

Once the drain system is reassembled, it is time to fill the tank with the new engine oil.

Above all, always refer to the technical documents of your motorcycle to know the amount of oil to pour for the proper functioning of your engine. Better less than too much, even if it means topping up after driving a little. Remember to run the engine in place for a few minutes to distribute the oil evenly before setting off.

We hope that these tips will help you easily manage the emptying step. And as we are very curious, do not hesitate to give us your feelings.

Emptying: too easy or a complete nightmare? Do you take care of it yourself or do you prefer to go through a pro?

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