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How to properly maintain and wash your motorcycle?



Have you decided to buy a motorcycle? Remember that, as with any vehicle, its maintenance will be a guarantee of sustainability. How to wash your motorcycle in the car wash? What product to use for cleaning your motorcycle? Focus.

How to maintain your motorcycle yourself?

Maintaining your motorcycle is essential for your safety and the safety of others. In general, maintaining your motorcycle yourself is not very complicated.

Maintaining your motorcycle includes:

Carrying out the oil changes, an act that can often be done yourself. Remember to replace the oil filter regularly to limit the amount of impurities in the engine and prevent abnormal consumption of engine oil over time.

When draining the engine, take the opportunity to drain the gearbox and check the brake fluid as well as the coolant.

When your motorcycle has a chain, remember to lubricate it and check its tension level.

Also inspect the condition of your battery and do not hesitate to change it if you suspect it is at the end of its life. This will prevent you from breaking down unexpectedly.

Finally, regularly check that your lights and indicators are working and that your tires are properly inflated.

Why should you wash your two-wheeler regularly?

Do you want your two-wheeler to live as long as possible? Don’t just maintain it, give it regular cleaning too! You will gain at least on two counts:

1. On the one hand, cleaning it regularly will ultimately take you less time than doing it very occasionally, when the mud is already encrusted.

2. On the other hand, cleaning your motorcycle helps prevent corrosion, a sign both of danger but also of loss of money (even good motorcycle insurance will not reimburse you for damage due to your negligence).

How to wash your motorcycle properly?

First step: remove the  first layer of grease , dirt and other dust with a kärcher. Also, use a degreaser or a shampoo without water.

Next, get down to the detail. Take a soft cloth and apply polish to the painted plastics and varnish. The cleansing foam or even homemaker are the products of choice

For rubbers (seals, covers, etc.), use silicone grease or spray and apply delicately

For steels  (frame, fork…), use an  iron brush  and do not neglect the anti-rust  ! It will be used to create a protective layer

Finally, you can remove a few damaged screws and bolts and clean them from rust in a coca cola glass before polishing them. If they are too damaged, do not hesitate to replace them!

Motorcycle cleaning: what are the mistakes not to make?

Before you begin, remember that some parts of your motorcycle are fragile and that it is therefore advisable to avoid a few unfortunate actions .

For example, avoid getting water  into the engine as well as the muffler and the exhaust line . You could cause a thermal shock liable to the damage . If possible, use a plug to protect the muffler during operation.
Regarding the engine block, cleaning it involves dismantling it piece by piece. If you don’t feel you can, seek professional help.

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