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How to make your car air freshener


Besides having a good experience on the roads when your car has a good scent, car air fresheners have additional benefits of satisfying our sense of smell. Considering the large amount of money that we spend on purchasing and maintaining a car, we ought to enjoy it even more fully with no hindrance. If one can spend a large sum on colognes, perfumes, and diffusers to make ourselves and our homes smell nice, then we should be motivated to acquire car air fresheners as well.

Every one of our four senses impacts how we function and feel daily. Arguably, the sense of smell is considered to have a close connection to the emotional and memory region of our brain. As a result, an unpleasant smell negatively affects our mood and concentration.

You can purchase car air fresheners from retailers or wholesalers, but making your own is fun and economical. These air fresheners require essential oil and other household ingredients that can customise your choice and give you your desired scent.

When making your car air freshener, you need to have these ingredients: fragrance oil, a small jug, an air freshener bottle, a diffuser base, a bung, and a vent clip.

Measure your fragrance oil and diffuser base.

Make sure you measure your fragrance or essential oils and diffuser base to your desired measurement using your small jug. The essential oil should be a smaller quantity than a diffuser base, then stir your mixture.

Fill your air fresheners bottle

Gently pour your mixture into your chosen air freshener bottle. We have many air freshener bottles that come in different colours. You can make your choice according to your taste.

Put on the lid

If you are using it straight away, you can screw on your chosen lid or pack it nicely if you’re selling to your customers. You can also hang it on your car or slot it onto your car’s air ventilation.


Place your car air fresheners in a safe and secure place. Tilt your bottle slowly as you feel and enjoy the strong scent of the fragrance. You can hang the air freshener bottle on your indicator or in your car vent but make sure it will not be distracted.

You should never feel overwhelmed when taking care of your car. On the contrary, it should be an exciting experience.  If you are looking for a simple and effective way of making a quality road experience, you should consider making your car air freshener because you will never go wrong with it.

Having air fresheners in our vehicles creates a pleasant atmosphere, and everyone on board will be comfortable. You will be comfortable, but studies have shown that your mood is likely to be positively impacted by a pleasing scent. Additionally, driving can be stressful, especially if you are stuck in traffic or rushing on time. Scented air freshener can help relieve some of this stressful situation and make your entire drive a more comfortable experience.

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