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How to clean a motorcycle helmet? 5 steps!



The first thing to consider is the importance of having a helmet that is well maintained on a daily basis. To do this: transport it with protection , avoid blows if we always have it by our side and, above all, do not retouch it since this can modify its ability to protect us.


  • Use specific products for cleaning the motorcycle helmet.
  • Start from the outside with the appropriate product using a micro-fiber cloth .
  • Apply the product directly to the visor , then rub gently.
  • Proceed to interior cleaning. If your helmet has removable padding , it is best to take it off for a more thorough cleaning. For the interior, it will suffice to apply the specific product.
  • Dry the upholstery by leaving it in cool, dry air . Do not use the dryer!


It is very important to use the right products . Even if it seems very logical, sometimes we have to do things in a hurry and suddenly, we do not do things correctly.

Let’s start with the outside of the helmet. The first advice we give you from Motocard is that it is really very important not to use the window cleaner, since the visor of our helmet is not a glass pane, and therefore, this type of product instead of cleaning , may damage the visor.

Our advice is to use a specific visor product , apply it with a damp cloth and then rub gently . If you don’t have a specific product available, no problem! A microfiber cloth, damp with hot water will do the trick, but in this case, it will be necessary to go with a little more care.

So now you’re probably wondering, “Alright, but what if I have a Pinlock or an anti-fog lens  installed?” “

If you have an anti-fog lens (Pinlock) on the visor, you should know that this lens must not be in contact with alcohol and it must be cleaned very gently by gently rubbing the visor. One thing, also be aware that it is not advisable to install the lens when it is wet.

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