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How to choose your agency for your car rental?

Car rental


Choosing a rental agency can seem difficult for someone who is renting a car for the first time. However, not all agencies are created equal, and reviewing the right criteria will save you valuable time.

Choosing the right rental agency

When you want to rent a vehicle, you should know that you are also renting a service. It is therefore very important to take a good look at the services offered by car rental agencies and to compare them with each other in order to get clear answers. The second step is to find the type of benefits you need. You have to choose the category of the vehicle, according to your needs and your budget, the necessary insurance as well as the rental period. The cars are categorized and the main ones are the city car, the sedan and the station wagon.

Each category responds to a specific need. At Rent A Car, we help you to better refine your needs in order to offer you the right range of vehicle. A city-class car, for example, will cost you less than an SUV or a large sedan. Large families will appreciate larger sized cars like MPVs or MPVs.

The criteria to be taken into account

While you don’t have to know everything about car rental, you should know that not all rental companies are created equal and that the rental price is not everything. Some low-cost rental companies offer fairly attractive prices but in return they offer a reduced choice of vehicle, more expensive services and a minimum service. The right thing to do is to choose a rental company that is well rated by comparison agencies and Rent A Car is among the best rated car rental agencies.

The proximity of the rental agency is the essential point in choosing your agency. Rent A Car has more than 300 agencies in France, which opens up the possibilities for a car rental near you or near your vacation destination.

Being able to return your vehicle to another agency is also an important criterion. Thus, the “one-way” offer from Rent A Car allows you to rent a vehicle in one agency and return it to another. This service is particularly interesting if you are moving, since it will prevent you from having to return the vehicle to your city of departure. The place of collection of the vehicle is also to be considered.

The question of insurance is very often raised by people who want to rent because it can be expensive. Indeed, some agencies tend to increase the number of insurances, or even to offer them in duplicate, at the risk of significantly increasing the bill. It is therefore essential to focus on this point, which will save you a lot of money in some cases.

These are all questions that you need to ask yourself if you want to choose the right rental agency. Rent A Car will provide you with all the answers thanks to its network of franchisees that meet your expectations. Our network is the guarantee of a fully satisfied and perfectly followed customer need.

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