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How to choose and change the exhaust of your motorcycle?



Bikers agree that the stock exhausts are not very impressive from a design point of view. They are also very heavy . Not only does this accessory not enhance the bike, but it blocks its sound capabilities and in some cases its performance. These are the main reasons that encourage a biker to install a new silencer on his motorcycle.

How to choose the silencer?

The exhaust silencer or muffler is the accessory of the motorcycle which allows the engine to evacuate the gases and thus to breathe. This is the element that lovers of two-wheeled vehicles most often replace. The choice of the exhaust should not be accidental. Replacing the exhaust therefore helps to optimize the performance of the motorcycle above all. The exhaust pipes offered by specialized brands will allow you to exploit the full capabilities of your two-wheeled machine. If the chosen model fits your motorcycle perfectly, you will gain more horsepower. In addition, the weight of the motorcycle will be reduced, as the newly installed exhaust is lighter.

While some bikers enjoy the roar of their motorcycles’ mufflers, some prefer machines that purr like a cat. If you are one of those people who believe that motorcycle noise is its soul, you can make it more intimidating with a homologated model that improves noise , and of course, without going over the legal limit. Hearing the noise of the motorcycle is not easy when you are in the saddle, because the exhaust is located on the opposite extreme.

You also have to think about the design of the motorcycle. Indeed, the original exhausts are somewhat basic and therefore unsightly, unlike the models offered by specialist dealers. No matter what brand of motorcycle you ride, you will find an exhaust suitable for your beast on the market. After mounting the exhaust, you will see that the difference will be obvious. You will have the impression that the two motorcycles are completely different. Not only will you give your bike a better style, but you will be able to differentiate it from the existing models .

How to mount the muffler of the motorcycle?

You don’t need to be a mechanical professional to install a new motorcycle silencer. If you have chosen an exhaust from a recognized brand, the replacement should not take more than an hour . You will also not need any specific tool for the operation to be successful. We could talk about plug and play in computer jargon. In the majority of cases, it will only be necessary to reassemble the escapement that you have just purchased, performing exactly the reverse of the dismantling of the original item. If necessary, the exhaust gaskets should be replaced.

If you have any doubts, here is a brief overview of the procedure:

Before changing the exhaust, it is imperative that you have the same model as the one you want to replace, otherwise, you still have to make some adjustments to the carburetor and of course to the engine.

Using an adjustable wrench or a suitable ring wrench , unscrew the two bolts that secure the exhaust to the motorcycle engine. The eye wrench is the best choice in the event that you do not know the size of the wrench required to remove the bolts.

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