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How Do You Organise Tools In A Small Space?

Tools In A Small Space


If your tool box or case does not contain options for sorting your tool in individualised spaces, tool box organisers are available to do just that. Organisers take the form of inserts, plastic and foam trays, and multicell containers. Your tool container, whether it be a fabric backpack or plastic tool box can be designed in multiple configurations from an empty open box to one with removable trays to options that include elasticated slots for all your smaller tools such as screwdrivers and pliers. Having your essential tools well organised within your tool box makes your job easier, quicker and more efficient.

Plastic and Polystyrene tool holder trays

Plastic and polystyrene trays can supplement the removable tray that comes included in most tool boxes. These tool box organisers offer space for spanner sets, screwdrivers, earplugs and other smaller bits and pieces and are available in a range of configurations.

The Facom storage module, for example, is designed for small components and comes with 12 compartments of 3 different sizes, providing organised storage of fasteners, lugs, rivets and gaskets.

Foam inserts and trays.

Thick foam trays or inserts like the Facom foam tool box inner tray fit into your tool box, tool cabinets or chest to improve your tool box organisation, providing a place to hold and organise your implements securely and conveniently. The foam also protects your tools from corrosion, damage and blunting.

Interior Tool Holder

Another option to organise your tool box is the tool holder which is a vertical plastic box that can hold tools of any shape securely and sits inside either a tool box or tool pouch, held in place by a strong Velcro strip.

Tool Case Boards and Organisers

Tool box organisers such as the RS PRO Tool Box Organiser for use with GO Basic Tool Case or a similar model for use with Rhino Tool Case help keep your tool sets organised and easy to access. The Rhino Tool case organisers are available in module or pocket styles and can be purchased as a set. The removable tool boards have 23 pockets both front and back, and the matching removable cover board comes with 15 tool pouches.

The Go Basic Tool case organisers come in three styles. Depending on your preference you can choose the loop, module or pocket style openings to arrange your pliers, screwdrivers or spanners.

Unique tool organisation options

Another option to keep your tools in place is a tool organiser such as the Stanley 9 Cell Adjustable Compartment Box which has sealed compartments that hold screws, nuts, nails and more and can be clipped together with other components to create a portable storage space for all your tools.

Organising your tools in a small space is easy and practical with the use of tool box organisers, in whichever option you prefer and which suits your style of tool box or case. For multiple tool, organiser options go to RS Online or ask a tool box expert for more information.

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