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Diesel Generator Buying Guide

Diesel Generator

  • With more and more things in our daily lives run by electricity, it is important to have a backup in case the power goes out. A diesel generator can be a lifesaver during these times. Don’t know what to look for? Stay with us as we guide you through buying a diesel generator.
  • One of the first things you will need to decide is how large of a diesel generator you wish to purchase. This will depend upon what you plan on using it for. Think about what you will be using if you are left without electricity. Fans, lights, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves…all of these can be used when you have a diesel generator. Fans and lights will only take a little power, but appliances will. Heating and air units will eat up the bulk of the wattage you have available, so if you plan on running most of these, invest in a more significant generator.
  • You will want to have priorities over your wants and needs. If you do not have your food in a refrigerator or freezer, it will spoil quickly. If it is hot outside, this will become an issue rather quickly. However, if you are without power in the middle of winter, and it is freezing outside, you can use that to your advantage by keeping your food in coolers outside, so it does not spoil.
  • Heat and air conditioning should be the next priority. If it is freezing outside, you will certainly want your generator to be able to power your heating source. Likewise, if it is blazing outside, you will want the air to keep cool. Be mindful of this, as these two things are extremely important when it comes to being without power, especially for young children and the elderly.
  • It is also a good idea to check the wattage of your appliances. This will help you determine the size of diesel generator you need for everything you think you will want to run. But you also need to consider the startup wattage. Electrical appliances generally draw power to make them start in the first place. Once they are running, the power will back down. If the appliance you will be running has a wattage of 21,000, you need to go higher than that, or else you will not be able to start your air on the generator. By purchasing a unit that maxes out at 23,000 watts, you will be safe to start your air unit.
  • Now that you know about the wattage of your diesel generator, you may have some questions about the generator itself. Many often wonder if they can run it indoors. We highly advise placing your generator outside in a well-vented area. Carbon monoxide is released when your generator is in use, and exposure to this has been fatal.
  • Others wonder about grounding a generator. Diesel generators should be grounded so you will not have to worry about electrocution. Grounding is also a state, federal, and local law in many areas.
  • If you are interested in purchasing a diesel generator or have more questions, give Mid Florida Diesel in Mid Florida a call. They can help you decide how much wattage you need before you max out, so you are prepared for anything.

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