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Car rental agency: which is better?

Car rental


Choosing the best car rental agency is not easy. Thus, we must be particularly rigorous in research. To do this, it is recommended to shop around for car rental companies to compare their offers. Overview.

In recent years, the car rental market has grown significantly with the number of providers steadily increasing. However, it is difficult to say which rental agency is the best given that each has their own expectations and needs. Today, three players stand out for the quality of their offers and services:


It is the number 1 car rental company in all of Europe . Europcar is also present in nearly 140 countries around the world in order to offer optimal leisure and business mobility solutions. To satisfy its customers, the rental agency offers state-of-the-art cars equipped with high-performance safety equipment.


Founded by Warren Avis in 1946, this car rental company only had three cars in its early days. This is no longer the case today, because Avis manages more than 200,000 cars combining design and performance. Present in more than 160 countries, it has more than 5,000 branches around the world.


A truly international car rental company, Hertz has been in the market for almost a century. Nearly 4,000 car rental agencies from this company are located in large cities, particularly at airports and train stations. Like Avis, it manages a fleet of over 200,000 cars.

Namely that there are other significant players in the car rental industry. This is for example the case of Rentalcar , Sixt or Thirfty .

Car rental agency: how to choose?

It is recommended that you shop around several car rental companies before making your choice. Indeed, at least 3 must be compared based on the same selection criteria in order to obtain clear answers. In addition, the tenant must ask himself what type of service he needs. Note that the services generally include:

  • The category of car;
  • The essential insurance;
  • The rental period;
  • The budget ;
  • Etc.

Once the type of service has been chosen, the lessee can finally choose the car rental agency that meets his needs.

Good to know:  In general, rental agencies offer different categories of vehicles for rent . There are, for example, station wagons, city cars or even sedans. Some also offer SUVs or utility vehicles. Luxury cars, electric vehicles or even carts and camper vans are now included in certain catalogs.

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